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Our Rooms


The nursery has been divided into playrooms to meet the different age and development needs of the children attending, from babies to toddlers to inquisitive 2-3 year olds and onwards to our pre-school room for 3-5’s. In addition to the playrooms we also have a sleep room, a baby changing room, and Kidz World soft play centre for the use of the nursery children. Each room is bright and welcoming and has an area themed on a different place in the world to add some adventure to moving through the nursery as they grow up. Each room has an area which will allow your child to develop their creative skills including baking, painting, sand and water play. All rooms will also be equipped with a library corner for quiet times and technology zone for educational computer play.


Wallababies Age 0-2 Years

The babies are cared for in a warm, bright and stimulating environment with a big sunny Australia themed wall filled with sensory stimulating pictures, fabrics and colours. Here they will have lots of fun throughout the day playing with visually stimulating toys as well as participating in Heuristic Play where they have the opportunity to feel natural textures and play with everyday real objects in a safe setting rather than just playing with bright plastic toys. Babies will also be taken for regular walks as well as joining in simple activities such as finger and foot painting, singing and music. Babies will also be encouraged in their physical and mental development so they begin to reach the early milestones of sitting up, crawling, walking, beginning to feed themselves and babbling, the sign of early language. The toddlers are encouraged to expand on the skills they have already learned with stimulating challenges and the provision of fun learning experiences delivered through play. Toddlers will be introduced to creative and messy play and will be given every opportunity to explore their environment, socialise, share and make friends with other children. The children will continue to grow in confidence and reach their development milestones.


Little Apples Age 2-3

We are aware that at this stage, children become more independent and staff will gradually lead them into a slightly more structured environment where themed activities are planned to enhance the children's skills and give them a greater knowledge of the world around them. The children in our city themed room will begin to join group activities and will be given every opportunity to make choices that
will enable them to develop their own personalities.


Garden & Outdoor Learning

In the gardens different groups of children are able to engage in different activities. They can participate in environmental activities such as looking for different types of insects or planting different flower and vegetable seeds and bulbs and tending to them as they grow. A story corner has also been created, where on a fine day, children will be taken to a shaded corner and can participate in story telling. Picnic
tables are available on our decked area for days when we can work and eat outside. Outdoor learning is becoming an important part of our every day life here at Kidz World Nursery and for every topic we explore we encourage our children to consider the outdoors and learn from this also.



Children attending the after school club will be picked up from their primary school and taken safely to the nursery premises where they will have exclusive use of Kidz World Soft Play Centre. Children will be invited to join in with various activities, encouraged to complete homework or just relax and read if they prefer. Children attending the After School Club will be provided with a seasonal hot/cold snack and a drink. For more information about our After School Club please contact the nursery manager for our separate parents handbook.


We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and can offer full and part-time places.

 Morning Session

 8am-1pm  Snack & drinks provided, breakfast & lunch optional

 Afternoon Session 

 1pm–6pm   Snack/drink provided

 Full Day Session   

 8am-6pm   Snacks & drinks provided, breakfast & lunch optional

Kidz World Nursery will close for 2 weeks at Christmas. Exact dates are available on registration.