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Our Rooms


Jelly Babies - Age 0-2 

Our Jelly Babies room benefits children aged 7 weeks - 2 years following the pre-birth to 3 curriculum. It is a child led room using children's interests based on staff observations. We aim to ensure all children and parents feel it is a safe and secure environment as well as providing a fun/learning community. You'll see staff members within our baby room who are welcoming, enthusiastic and love to encourage the children into developing into their own characters. Our room is filled with lots of exciting areas, such as a sensory corner, loose parts area, a story corner and lots more including direct access to our baby room garden. We have a separate sleep room which is comforting to both parents and children. We aim to ensure our baby room is a replica of home for our kids, we want all children to feel safe and secure at every moment possible, and this is done by ensuring we get full routines from parents so that we can follow each individual child's routine daily.


Jelly Tots - Age 2-3

Our jelly tots room allows 2-3 yr olds to start building communication skills and friendships through various areas including, construction, story time, arts & crafts and our cosy home corner. Our newly installed patio doors gives the children direct access to our garden area which allows the children to further work on basic life skills. 


Jelly Beans - Age 3-5

Our newly expanded pre school room for 3-5 year olds is equipped with a variety of different areas to challenge and expand the children's minds. The children have constant access to our woodland garden which will allow the children to further develop their skills. Our 3-5 room allows our children to develop independence, everything is child-led and we take pride in giving them real-life experience through things like our construction area where we encourage our children to practice using real tools. 


Garden & Outdoor Learning

In the gardens different groups of children are able to engage in different activities. They can participate in environmental activities such as looking for different types of insects or planting different flower and vegetable seeds and bulbs and tending to them as they grow. A story corner has also been created, where on a fine day, children will be taken to a shaded corner and can participate in story telling. Picnic
tables are available on our decked area for days when we can work and eat outside. Outdoor learning is becoming an important part of our every day life here at Kidz World Nursery and for every topic we explore we encourage our children to consider the outdoors and learn from this also.



 Morning Session

 7.30am - 12.30pm  Snack & drinks provided, breakfast & lunch optional

 Afternoon Session 

 1pm - 6pm   Snack/drink provided

 Full Day Session   

 7.30am - 6pm   Snacks & drinks provided, breakfast & lunch optional

Kidz World Nursery will close for 2 weeks at Christmas. Exact dates are available on registration.