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About Us




1. Overview
Kidz World Nursery will offer many extra-curricular activities within their fees. These will include introduction to the curriculum for excellence and trips out with the nursery including our end of year annual trip.

Kidz World Nursery has a supply of strollers and reins to take the younger children out for walks.


2. All snacks & drinks with breakfast & lunch an optional extra 
These will be happy, social occasions where children will be encouraged to develop good eating habits and table manners, assisting in preparing their tables for lunch and using cutlery. They will also be encouraged in the use of good etiquette and personal hygiene.

All meals will be provided by our chef for all funded children and where lunch add on has been selected and will be carefully planned to ensure that they receive a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet. We will also cater for children with special dietary requirements. Fresh fruit and milk will be a part of their stable diet. Children who attend part time will receive a healthy snack and drink. After every meal, the children will brush their teeth (toothbrushes supplied by childsmile).

We would ask parents of babies who are not yet weaned to provide ready prepared bottles which will be stored and used as required.

BREAKFAST 0730 hrs - 0830 hrs
MORNING SNACK Free flow from 9 am
LUNCH 1200 hrs - 1300 hrs 
AFTERNOON SNACK Free flow from 3 pm



New menu starting from Mon 17th Jan 2022 on week 3 (Red)

3. Toiletries Add on
If the toiletries add on has been selected quality brand nappies, wipes and creams are included in the fees. Our strict hygiene policies dictate that each child will be allocated their own cream for their exclusive use. Our staff will always use appropriate PPE whilst changing children to preclude any possibility of infection or illness.

4. Out & about
The children are taken on outings to experience, first hand, all things we have been discussing to give them a greater knowledge and understanding of what they are learning. Included in the places we will be visiting are: farmyards, libraries, museums, shops and places of local interest.

In warm weather, children will be provided with high factor sunscreen and sunhats. All staff carry an emergency mobile phone whilst on outings with the children.

5. Free Entry to Kidz World Soft Play until they start school
All children who attend Kidz World Nursery will receive a membership to use Kidz World Soft Play for free until they start school, whilst attending our nursery.


Kidz World Nursery has been created to offer a new concept of childcare in Clackmannanshire. Every aspect of a child's needs have been considered and we have worked closely with the appropriate Agencies to ensure that we offer a safe, secure and caring environment for the children.

We believe that a child's time at nursery should be used to lay the foundations for lifelong learning. We pledge that your child will have fun while learning through play, be warm, safe and secure and be happy in a secure environment from the time that they are entrusted into our care until they are ready to progress into primary school. Our qualified staff will nurture their minds through individual attention and encourage active participation within their group, developing social skills and preparing them for formal education.







Our Mission Statement

We will provide a safe, fun & educational environment where every child is valued and respected without discrimination, in order that they may develop social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional skills. This will enable them to grow and maximise their potential and develop positive self esteem.



Current Care Inspectorate Grades

Quality of Care & Support       Grade 4 Good
Quality of Environment      Grade 5 Very Good
Quality of Staffing       Grade 4 Good
Quality of Management   Grade 4 Good




We believe that children benefit most from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership. At Kidz World we will involve parents by inviting you in to help in the nursery to share experiences or just to play, distribute newsletters and keep you informed of all aspects of your children's experiences and leaning in our establishment through online e-learning journals. We are looking after your child therefore you are entitled to be involved in your child’s early years development.