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Please do not send your child to the nursery in their best clothes. Not only will they hamper your child’s physical play but they may also get messy. The nursery will have a supply of clothing to change your child in the case of unforeseen accidents. Wellington boots and warm clothes are necessary for outdoor play.


All assessments, reports and information regarding your child will be treated with the strictest of confidence by all members of staff. This information will be available for parents/carers to view at any time. The only exception being if we have concerns regarding the well being of the child for example if we suspect child abuse, we would report our concerns to the Care Commission, Social Work Department or Police as necessary. We aim to make a significant contribution to your child's development and we are here to help you, as the parent. if you are worried or concerned about your child please feel free to talk to key members of staff in the strictest of confidence.


Should you have a complaint regarding any aspect of your child's development whilst in our care or any concerns regarding our policies please speak to the Nursery manager or the Care Commission who are based at Springfield House, Laurelhill Business Park, Laurelhill Road, Stirling, FK7 9JQ. Tel: 01786 406363.


Please note that staff will only administer prescribed medication that is essential to your child's medical wellbeing and only when authorised by a parent/carer.


If your child displays signs of being unwell or are likely to have a contagious illness please do not bring your child to nursery. Periods of absence for certain illnesses are available on request. 
Children should be kept at home for a period of 24 hours after sickness and 48 hours after diarrhoea to prevent the spread of infection. Should your child become unwell during the nursery day they will be made comfortable and cared for by a member of staff until you have been contacted and have collected your child.


Kidz World Nursery will operate from a waiting list on a first come first served basis.


We will actively support equal opportunities for each child regardless of gender, race, religion, special needs or social class. Prejudices will be challenged and discussed. Children will be encouraged to help each other and respect other children's traditions and cultures. Multicultural activities will be integrated into various aspects of play


Kidz World Nursery aim to promote good behaviour through positive encouragement and by example. Children will be encouraged to:

  • ●  Show kindness and consideration towards other children and staff.
  • ●  Care for their environment—looking after toys, books and equipment.
  • ●  Listen to nursery staff and follow simple instructions

In the case of children with behavioural difficulties we will discuss the management of the child with parents and the appropriate professionals.

Kidz World Nursery will hold a small number of emergency places for parents who have been ―let down‖ by their current carer, have hospital appointments, need to attend a funeral or just need a ―day‖ to themselves. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis


We believe that children benefit most from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership. At Kidz World we will involve parents by inviting you in to help in the nursery to share experiences or just to play, distribute newsletters and keep you informed of all aspects of your children's experiences and leaning in our establishment. We are looking after your child therefore you are entitled to be involved in your child’s early years development.

A folder containing all of our policies and procedures is available to all parents and carers. You are welcome to read these at your leisure within our consultation room or request a copy. These should not be removed from the nursery.

On any occasion where we have to close the nursery due to bad weather, parents will be informed of this as soon as possible. Staff will only contact parents if the nursery is closed not to advise it is open. Please check for updates on bad weather closures.